German Flags, Banners
& Pole Tops

Large RAD triangular banner

205F5 - Large RAD triangular banner. Measures approximately 45.0 x 83.0 inches. Two sided cotton with hanging loops intact. One small nip approximately 1.0 inch near central disc. Un-issued. $500.  More Photos

Hanging banner. Multi-piece cotton construction.

205F4 - Hanging banner. Multi-piece cotton construction. Measures approximately 32 x 73 inches. Suspension loops intact. Near mint condition. Shown as folded. $550  More Photos

Podium-hanging banner

205F3 - Podium-hanging banner. Multi-piece constructed. Cotton with swivel suspension ties with white cotton fringe border. Banner measures approximately 19.5 x 30.0 inches. $500.  More Photos

Hanging banner. Suspended by rod that would pass through channel.

205F2 - Hanging banner. Suspended by rod that would pass through channel. Multi-piece constructed. Un-used. Measures approximately 30.5 X 40.0 inches with fringe border. $500.  More Photos

1911SO1 - Reichsarbeitsdienst honor standard. Beautiful unpresented example. Multi-piece constructed. Silver cotton thread highlights. Aluminum border fringe. Complete with some original tacks (missing three). There are no tears, evidence of mothing or stains. This is an outstanding example. The standard measures approximately 48. x 48. Inches, including the border. $1500.  More Photos

194F1 -Reichskriegsflagge, war flag. Displayed by all Third Reich military formations accept Waffen SS. This wool flag is in un-issued condition. The size is 100 x 170 cm. (39 x 67 inches). The size and maker are clearly stamped that reads G.A. Frolichs Sohn A.G. Warnsdorf .Sud. Mint example and good size for display. $600.  More Photos

188F26 -NSKOV Veterans Association finial. Hard rubber composite finial gold paint finish. T1940 dated. Excellent example. $1100.  More Photos

188F25 -Schutzstaffel banner. Large size cotton banner measuring 60.0 x 185.0 inches. Banner presents age and fading due to use. Minor fraying along edges. $2000.  More Photos

188F20 -Wehrmacht vehicle identification flag. Measures 38 x 75 inches Grommets for attachment at each corner. $300.  More Photos

188F16 -Reichsarbeitsdienst pennant 44.0 x 78.0 inches. $350.  More Photos

188F14 -NSDAP podium banner with silver interior borders with exterior side fringe. Banner measures 55.0 x 56.0 inches. $300.  More Photos

188F12 -Wehrmacht vehicle identification flag, one sided 37.5 x 76.5 inches, single nip .25 inch. Grommets for attachment at each corner. $300.  More Photos

188F11 -National State Service Flag. This large wool flag measures 74.0 x 128.0 inches. $500.  More Photos

188F10 -Reichsarbeitsdienst female pennant. Triangular pennant measures 46 x 80 inches. $500.  More Photos

188F9 -NSDAP banner measures 32 x 73 inches. $250.  More Photos

188F4 -Wehrmacht vehicle Identification flag, shows use and wear. Minor holes. Flag measures 35.0 x 72.0 inches. Grommets for attachment at each corner. $300.  More Photos

Luftwaffe Regimental Standard for Flight and Paratroop regiments

- Collectors Connection - Luftwaffe Regimental Standard for Flight and Paratroop regiments. ( Regimentsstandarte der Fliegertruppe und der Fallschirmjager - regimenter ). Excellent example on yellow/gold heavy silk with heavy bullion silver thread embroidery. Aluminum trim borders. Obverse displays heavily embroidered Luftwaff eagle. Reverse features a central iron cross. No snags, tears or silk rot. This rare Luftwaffe Reimental standarte is unit marked with an embroidered M.A.NR.27Suggested offering price $25,000. More Photos

- Collectors Connection - Very rare NSKK Reiter Standarte. Textbook example of a very rare standarte in excellent condition. Suggested offering price $44,000. Additional photos upon request More Photos

Veteran's parade sash

108F6 - Veteran's parade sash. This ribbed silk sash worn by veterans was worn over the shoulder for parades and other ceremonial occasions. The heavy, ribbed black, red and white silk sash shows light age soiling from use. There are two pins attached. One with a profile of Adolf Hitler and the other I cannot identify. The sash is gathered towards the bottom by a cross ribbon. At the ends of the sash are gold bullion tassels. $350. More Photos

NSDAP bow for funerary wreath

108F7 - NSDAP bow for funerary wreath. This cotton bow was affixed to funeral wreaths. The two hanging end of the bow display the national colors on one end and the red swastika disc on the other. At the end of each length is a silver bullion border. $350. More Photos

Swastika finial for car pennant

107F6 - Swastika finial for car pennant. This swastika finial measures 2.75 inches across the arms. The finial retains its excellent silver finish. The attachment screws are still present. $450. More Photos

094so2-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

094SO2 - SS Regiment "Deutschland" trumpet banner. This stunning trumpet banner features a black field of polished black cotton with separately applied, hand embroidered silver lame` SS Totenkopf over the regiment's name "Deutschland". The reverse features a hand embroidered silver lame` early style state eagle. Both the Totenkopf and the early style eagle are accented with varying shades of hand embroidered silver and black thread. The trumpet banner measures approximately 16 x 16 inches for the black field with another 1 inch of silver aluminum wrapped thread bordering each side. Both clips for attachment to the trumpet are present. Price on Request. More Photos

0810f2-1small.jpg (36140 bytes)

0810f2 - Waffen SS General's car flag and post. Authorized for display by Waffen SS generals on June 15, 1944 this rare flag identified the occupant's vehicle as a high ranking commander in the Waffen SS. This car flag is pictured and described at length in The Military Advisor: Spring 2004, Vol. 15 Number 2 on pages 27-28. This flag is printed on an off-white, bone colored background with black borders. At diagonals are black rectangular fields with the black SS runics in the upper left quadrant.The flag comes machine stitched to the post used for attachment (wimpelstangen). It is supported and given its shape by an internal metal frame. The post is painted olive/field gray green. Only 10 - 15 high ranking Waffen SS commanders were authorized to display this flag. Display of all car flags and pennants was discontinued in late 1944. $4250. More Photos